Watch the Casts Of The Lion King and Aladdin Have An Airport Sing-Off

From the pre-packaged food options to the scarcity of available power outlets, there are plenty of terrible things about being stuck in an airport due to a delayed flight. And there’s nothing you can do about it but wait. Unless you’re the cast of a Broadway musical and happen to be sitting next to the cast of another… »6/05/15 9:50am6/05/15 9:50am

At the Very Least, Marriage Might Keep You From Becoming a Wretched Pile of Misery

Marriage must be pretty great, considering it's the goal of nearly everyone in every romantic comedy ever written. Except then sitcoms teach us that, in fact, marriage is a huge drag that only leads to a lifetime of bickering and misery. So, which is it? Well, kind of both, according to a new study. Researchers found… »5/31/12 10:25am5/31/12 10:25am