Adorably Narcissistic Kitten Battles Its Reflected Nemesis

I think it's worth taking just a moment to consider how absolutely terrifying it would be not to be able to recognize your reflection. There would just be these little windows in your otherwise empty home in which another person flawlessly mimed and mocked your every movement. I guess that would pretty much obviate… »7/15/12 1:30pm7/15/12 1:30pm

Carey Mulligan Hasn't Seen Herself Naked in Ten Years

You might think that movie stars spend hours each day staring at their naked bodies in the mirror, either because they are transfixed by the sight of their own silky skin or because they know they'll have to be naked on-screen in front of millions of people and need to make sure every inch of them looks it's best.… »1/15/12 8:55pm1/15/12 8:55pm