Forget Tiger Mom. Success Is About Skechers and the Ethnic Food Aisle.

We the American people can finally rejoice. As you may have heard, Amy Chua (aka Tiger Mom)'s new book The Triple Package: How Three Unlikely Traits Explain the Rise and Fall of Cultural Groups in America is officially available. Finally, the lowly unsuccessful (by cultural upbringing) people can finally unlock the… » 2/10/14 5:15pm 2/10/14 5:15pm

When It Comes to Discrimination, Timing Is Everything

We usually think that discrimination against women and minorities occurs because of some fundamental ignorance on the part of whoever is thwarting us. But a new study has found that it turns out discrimination might occur partially be because we had bad timing when asking for something from an ignorant person. As… » 5/22/12 2:50pm 5/22/12 2:50pm