​The Subway: Your New Home for Romance and Sexist Stereotyping

The subways: So hot right now. For starters, were you aware that your train could, this very minute, be morphing into a hub for romance? Train Spottings, a New York matchmaking service focused on time spent in a fetid metal box, is currently hiring "subway cupids." » 12/03/13 2:30pm 12/03/13 2:30pm

Shouted-Down Subway Flasher Was Arrested And Charged

Turns out that the perv who was confronted by his victim was also charged by police. Fifty-one-year-old Mario Valdivia was charged with forcible touching, public lewdness and sex abuse. The woman hasn't been identified, though we'd still love to meet her. » 11/24/10 11:15am 11/24/10 11:15am

Subway Flasher Messes With The Wrong Woman

Watch this woman eviscerate a man who pressed up against her on an uncrowded New York subway — with his penis exposed, apparently clad in a condom. At least he's practicing safe sex, right? Safe for work, with headphones. » 11/22/10 2:30pm 11/22/10 2:30pm

Closing The Global Gender Gap Requires Effort Every Level

What's the secret that allows Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden to take the top four spots in gender equality rankings, while the UK stalls at rank 15 and the US trails at 31? » 11/18/09 2:20pm 11/18/09 2:20pm

In Gender Gap Index, Iceland: 1, United States: 31

The World Economic Forum released its annual Gender Gap Index yesterday, and Iceland — that's Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, not only a lady, but the world's first openly gay leader, at left — kicks everybody else's ass at gender equality. » 10/28/09 10:00am 10/28/09 10:00am

Working Moms Still Getting The Shaft

Conservatives who like to blame the wage gap on women's choices should know: working mothers are 100% less likely to be hired than childless candidates, and get offered $11,000 less a year when they are. Some "choices." [Business Week] » 6/08/09 6:20pm 6/08/09 6:20pm

This just in: We've been tipped off that Kanye West is in Gap's corporate offices in NYC right now. We're not clear on exactly what he's doing there, but he's currently in the design department. Is he collaborating on a line? Is he gonna do commercial spots? Or perhaps pen a song? Who knows? Unfortunately, we probably… » 8/06/08 2:40pm 8/06/08 2:40pm