Mariah Carey's Dress, Like Her Show, Is Splitting Apart at the Seams

Rumors that Mariah Carey’s vegas show is falling apart have been running rampant since the singer opened last week. The New York Times gave it an awful review and Carey cancelled a show earlier this week due to bronchitis, though some speculate it might have been due to lack of rehearsal. And then there’s this: A… »5/15/15 5:15pm5/15/15 5:15pm


Mariah Carey, Queen of Christmas, Is Finally Making a Holiday Movie!

God rest ye merry Christmas Lambs, let nothing you dismay; remember Mariah, our savior, is finally putting her favorite holiday on the big screen where she belooooooonnnnnnggggs! And the person fulfilling this destiny is none other than Brett Ratner, her longtime friend and recently-rumored boyfriendo... could there… »4/07/15 5:40pm4/07/15 5:40pm

Mariah Carey On E=MC²: "I Failed Remedial Math"

Mariah Carey is going all out to promote her new album, and ever since we learned its title, E=MC², we've been dying to know what the hell it's supposed to signify. In the clip above, from an interview Mimi did for WalMart, she tries to explain herself, saying it was mainly a joke, since she's actually really bad at… »4/08/08 2:00pm4/08/08 2:00pm