Milly, For The Uptight Country Club Lacrosse Mom In You

You live in a modest 8,000 square foot Mediterranean-style waterfront villa in West Palm Beach. Your two perfect children, Hewitt and Cooper, are expecting you to attend their parent-teacher events, your pool boy needs to be fired, and your Dear Husband wants to take the boat to St. Barth. What are you going to wear?… » 9/15/11 6:55pm 9/15/11 6:55pm

First Impressions: What's Up With The Turbans At Milly?

Who: Young female celebs and other assorted "cute girls" in their 20s.
What: Milly, the ultra-feminine, young contemporary line designed by Michelle Smith (seen at left).
Where: NYC's Bryant Park.
When: Now. After the jump, we check in with the youngest Jezebel, Jennifer, who gives us a full report via liveblog,… » 9/10/07 2:40pm 9/10/07 2:40pm