Political Pundit Ja Rule Reveals His Choice for President

Rapper Ja Rule, known for one of history’s most romantic love songs, “Every Thug Needs a Lady,” and roles in The Fast and the Furious and Pauly Shore is Dead, stopped by Fox Business to promote his new business collaboration with Magnises, a credit card company that targets millenials. During the segment, Ja Rule was… »5/07/15 10:05pm5/07/15 10:05pm


Young People Disenchanted With Obama, Would Prefer To Vote Clinton

President Obama had a tremendous amount of support from young people in 2008, but like many other Americans their fondness for Obama is waning. Many Millennials were convinced that Obama would bring hope, change, and possibly a unicorn that poops cans of Red Bull, but since he only passed health care reform, ended… »11/06/11 8:02pm11/06/11 8:02pm

MTV's Latest Reinvention Still Won't Involve Music

It's common knowledge that MTV's name hasn't had anything to do with its content in years, but there's still something that ties the network's early music video blocks to TRL and Teen Mom: Its relentless pursuit of teen viewers. To keep up with their fickle tastes, MTV has to keep revamping itself every few years.… »10/03/11 12:55pm10/03/11 12:55pm