"But Now I've Had Enough. I Don't Want Turkey Anymore. I'm Full."

WHAM BAM. See that? It's today's New York Post. Are we there yet? Are you still reading? Hellooo, SinisterRouge? I bet you'd like to know what story led the paper, since Obama's HUUUUUGE WIN in yesterday's Beltway Belt primary was positioned bottom-right. So I'll tell you: it was a story called "Truth hurts: My secret… »2/13/08 10:00am2/13/08 10:00am

"Most Kids Like Ron Paul 'Cause They Hate Cops, But The Cheerleaders Are All Feminists"

Ever wonder how upper middle class high school students felt about the election? Well, fuck you then bc it's the best thing in the morning papers. Today we learn that the cheerleaders are 4 Hillary because they're "feminists," and that the boys are totally feeling Ron Paul because they "hate the cops, bro." (Although… »2/12/08 10:00am2/12/08 10:00am

Mike Gravel: The Candidate You Didn't Know You Wanted (And Probably Didn't Vote For)

Did you vote yet? Are you a Democrat bemoaning the departure of Edwards, Kucinich, Richardson, et. al. or are you conflicted about Obama vs. Hillary? Take heart: Mike Gravel is still in the race! (In states where it isn't hugely expensive to get on the primary ballot, that is). Gravel is experienced: he has been a… »2/05/08 12:00pm2/05/08 12:00pm