Hilary Duff and Husband Mike Comrie Split Up, Remain 'Best Friends'

Hilary Duff and her husband of three years, NHL star Mike Comrie, announced today that they are amicably splitting up. Duff thanks you for your support and says that she and her ex didn't split for any particular reason except that they just didn't really want to hug and kiss each other that much anymore. They remain… »1/10/14 8:00pm1/10/14 8:00pm

After World's Longest Pregnancies, Hilary Duff Bests Jessica Simpson in the Race to Give Birth

For a while now, it's seemed like Hilary Duff and Jessica Simpson have been competing to see which of them could be pregnant the longest time. By our estimate, they've both been with child since the Bush Administration, but now Hilary Duff has given in and brought her healthy baby boy out into the open. She and her… »3/22/12 9:05pm3/22/12 9:05pm

A new study reports that men with wider faces are more aggressive, as face width is a marker of test
A new study reports that men with wider faces are more aggressive »8/20/08 1:40pm8/20/08 1:40pm, as face width is a marker of testosterone levels (i.e., the wider the face, the higher the level of testosterone). The study, conducted at Brock University in St. Catharines, Canada, was based in part on research from hockey players. According to ,…