U.S. Provider Of Abortion Pills Linked To Contaminated Cancer Drugs

The state-owned Chinese pharmaceutical manufacturers Shanghai Hualian, the only suppliers of the abortion pill RU-486 to the United States, have paralyzed or injured over 200 cancer patients in China with tainted leukemia drugs. According to the New York Times, the factory that produced the contaminated drugs has been… »1/31/08 9:30am1/31/08 9:30am


Pro-Life Teen Says "I Feel Like We're All Survivors Of Abortion"

In 1973, the World Trade center opened its doors, synthetic fabrics were a must, the Watergate hearings were televised, Adrien Brody was born, and abortion was legalized. Today, on the 35th anniversary of the landmark Roe vs. Wade decision, the cultural pendulum has shifted rightward (according to L.A. Times »1/22/08 1:40pm1/22/08 1:40pm