Watch Baby Ryan Gosling and Baby Justin Timberlake's Mickey Mouse Club

If you're anything like me, you threw a fit until your parents special-ordered the Disney Channel, ran home from school every day to catch the Mickey Mouse Club at 5pm, and taped each of their concert specials on VHS to treasure forever and ever. But if your preteen obsessions were more highbrow than mine, here's a… » 7/25/11 6:30pm 7/25/11 6:30pm

Ryan Gosling's Life In The Trailer Park Class System

When Ryan Gosling met David Letterman for the first time last night, he charmed the pants off the late night host (did you expect anything less?). The first thing on the Dave's agenda was to bring out an old cast photo of The Mickey Mouse Club, which Gosling is is pretty damn used to. But ths time he gave us a… » 7/14/11 2:10pm 7/14/11 2:10pm

Why Courtney Love Matters

Courtney Love — stripper, actor, rock star, widow, drug addict, Nelson College for Girls alumna, deadbeat mom, author, litigant, blogger, vintage enthusiast, and all-around Bad Girl — is an individual who seemingly has an uncommon devotion to making bad choices. » 11/08/10 4:00pm 11/08/10 4:00pm

Hey Girl, Here's An Afternoon Ryan Gosling Jam

Today has been pretty heartbreaking, frustrating, and headdesk worthy thus far. I think we need a break, so here's a video of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake breaking it down for you, girl, on the Mickey Mouse Club. » 6/13/09 5:15pm 6/13/09 5:15pm