Did Faux Memoirist Peggy Seltzer Reveal A Culture Of Narcissism Or…

Following yesterday's outing of ex-gang member/ Love and Consequences author Margaret Jones as middle-class private school grad Peggy Seltzer, cultural critics are punditing all over the place about what the rash of fake memoirs means to America. To the LA Times' Tim Rutten, the publication of these first-person… » 3/05/08 9:30am 3/05/08 9:30am

Susanna Sonnenberg Adds Another Chapter To The Unhinged Mother Canon

In today's New York Times, famously-scurrilous book critic Michiko Kakutani gives a rave review to Her Last Death, Susanna Sonnenberg's debut memoir about her totally batshit mother, "Daphne." While Sonnenberg's mom "possessed a magical charm and a contagious, manic enthusiasm, especially in...her… » 12/21/07 3:00pm 12/21/07 3:00pm

'NY Times' Critic Terror-izes Famous Feminist Susan Faludi

The critics are divided on Susan Faludi's new polemic The Terror Dream, in which she argues that 9/11 caused a societal return to stereotypical gender roles. On one hand, Pulitzer Prize winning badass Michiko Kakutani calls the Terror Dream, "the sort of tendentious, self-important, sloppily reasoned book that gives… » 10/24/07 1:30pm 10/24/07 1:30pm

Someone Tell Nietzsche: Luxury Is (Also) Dead

"Luxury"? A fallacy. At least that's what Dana Thomas concludes in her new, widely-publicized book Deluxe, reviewed by Michiko Kakutani in today's New York Times. And apparently Prada is to blame! Those nylon backpacks spotted everywhere in the 90's? They were at so low a price point ($450) that tons people bought… » 8/21/07 11:00am 8/21/07 11:00am