The Truth Behind That Viral Story About Michigan Making Anal Sex Illegal As Part of a Bestiality Law

It’s been widely and wrongly reported in recent days that Michigan passed a law making oral and/or anal sex illegal. A better way to put it: existing language making oral and anal sex illegal might stay on the books, because nobody wants to fight about it, because it would get messy.

Watch a Michigan Judge Lay Into a Racist Cop While Sentencing Him to Prison

On Tuesday, in Michigan’s Wayne County, Judge Vonda Evans sentenced an abusive former police officer to 13 months to 10 years in prison after he was caught on tape beating an unarmed black man last year. Evans spoke for a full half hour, a few minutes of which you can watch above: in the footage she wonders aloud, “In…

Satanic Temple Detroit's Spokeswoman Publishes Two-Week, Step-By-Step Blog About Her Abortion 

This year, the merry social advocacy trolls at the Satanic Temple have devoted themselves to advocating for abortion rights, arguing that a 72-hour waiting period in Missouri violated their religious freedom and filing both state and federal lawsuits against it. Their most prominent Detroit member just made the fight…


Remember That One Wedding That Was Actually a Huge Drug Sting?

If there’s ever a reason to not show up to a wedding, it’s the risk of being arrested. So if you’re planning a wedding and want to invite some of your favorite drug dealers, you should probably just send the save-the-date to someone else. After the Shiawasse County fake wedding in 1990, it’s unlikely they’re going to…