Michelle Rodriguez 'Went Crazy' With Grief After Paul Walker's Death

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Rodriguez opened up about the death of her Fast and Furious costar, Paul Walker. "I actually went on a bit of a binge. I went crazy a little bit—I went pretty crazy. A lot of the stuff I did last year I would never do had I been in my right mind," she says. » 3/25/15 10:10am Wednesday 10:10am

This Michelle Rodriguez/Milla Jovovich Interview Is Bonkers

Who comes out as the weirder one in this Interview magazine discussion between Michelle Rodriguez and Milla Jovovich: M or M? You be the judge! » 1/14/15 2:30pm 1/14/15 2:30pm

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Make Out to the Tender Strains of EDM

What we have here are noted thespians Zac Efron, 26, and Michelle Rodriguez, 36, in a passionate liplock as a frantic bassline thumps through a club in Ibiza. » 8/01/14 11:40am 8/01/14 11:40am

So Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Are Friends...

It appears that when he was making that wiggle video, Zac Efron was also hanging out with Michelle Rodriguez and some friends in Italy. » 7/02/14 3:45pm 7/02/14 3:45pm

Cara Delevingne Wants to Know Where the Paparazzas Are At

In today's Tweet Beat, Cara Delevingne is a little unhappy with all the photos out there of her love for Michelle Rodriguez, Jenny Slate and Bethenny Frankel are suffering from different PMS symptoms and Lorde knows what her skin really looks like. » 3/31/14 7:30pm 3/31/14 7:30pm

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez Frolic on Romantic Getaway

Extremely beautiful and cool couple Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez went on vacation to Tulum, where they frolicked in the sea, made out a lot and pet sea turtles. Meanwhile, the rest of us are trapped in eternal winter without a single friendly aquatic creature in sight. » 3/31/14 9:20am 3/31/14 9:20am

Paula Deen Feels Like 'That Black Football Player Who Came Out'

Paula Deen's Sorry I'm A Racist tour is chugging along, leaving a thick trail of butter and delusional self-pity smeared across the countryside. » 2/27/14 9:10am 2/27/14 9:10am

James Franco Pens Insufferable New York Times Op-Ed About Shia LaBeouf

As the old urban legend states: if a former child actor whispers "performance piece" three times into a blogger's ear, the vengeful spirit of James Franco will appear and write a self-indulgent opinion piece for the New York Times. And so it has happened. » 2/20/14 9:07am 2/20/14 9:07am

​Michelle Rodriguez Confirms Dating Cara Delevingne: 'She's So Cool'

Since Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez were spotted/heavily photographed drunkenly goofing off and making out at a Knicks game, rumors have been haphazardly swirling around regarding the nature of their relationship. » 2/18/14 11:40am 2/18/14 11:40am

Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevingne Drunkenly Make Out at Knicks Game

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez went to a Knicks game, where they quickly realized that basketball is an extremely boring sport and spent the rest of their time drinking copiously, smoking e-cigs, taking selfies, and sporadically making out. » 1/08/14 9:07am 1/08/14 9:07am

Michelle Rodriguez Comes Out as Bisexual, Not That It's Any of Your Biz

After years of telling the curious masses to MYOB, Michelle Rodriguez has essentially come out as bisexual, saying that she's "gone both ways." So are you happy now? Can you please stop asking her so many intrusive, probing vagina-questions? Thx! » 10/01/13 8:00pm 10/01/13 8:00pm

Cute Shoes and Unsightly Sequins at the Teen Choice Awards

Last night at the Teen Choice Awards, the fashion choices varied greatly: There was a little bit of leather, a lot of lace, and some truly unfortunate sequins. Seriously, some of what you're about to see is hideous. » 8/12/13 11:50am 8/12/13 11:50am

Michelle Rodriguez: Fuck It, Ladies, Just Write Your Own Roles

Michelle Rodriguez doesn't hold anything back — and now she's using her trademarked honesty (uh, is it trademarked? It could be) to tackle the problem with writers and women in Hollywood. » 5/22/13 1:50pm 5/22/13 1:50pm

Donald Trump Is a Garbage Monster Who Needs to Shut the Fuck Up Forever

Once upon a time, some idiot dog ate a whole tub of orange frosting and shat out the oiliest, hottest, most vile and rank semi-firm orange turd the world had ever seen. The turd fell into a pile of pubes recently shaved off the ballsack of a racist necromancer, and their lingering scrotal enchantments brought the turd… » 4/24/13 8:20pm 4/24/13 8:20pm

Cleavage, Sideboob and See-Through Dresses at the Vanity Fair Oscar…

In the immortal words of R. Kelly, after the show it's the after party. Last night, Oscar-nominated A-list celebs flocked to the Vanity Fair bash, where they mingled with TV stars and luminaries of the music world. The dress code was half pretty, half sexy. It was a night of many beautiful mammaries. Some ladies let… » 2/25/13 4:40pm 2/25/13 4:40pm

Michelle Rodriguez Has Noticed A Shift In Hollywood's Leading Men

Although: The Expendables did beat Scott Pilgrim at the box office. Still, she has a point. But it's tough to tell whether she thinks this is a good thing or bad thing. » 9/09/10 11:57am 9/09/10 11:57am