Cher Has An Ax To Grind With Donald Trump

Today in Tweet Beat, most people, including Cher, are pissed at Donald Trump and his birther crap. Well, except for Sarah Palin, of course. » 4/27/11 7:30pm 4/27/11 7:30pm

Gilbert Gottfried Apologizes For Japanese Tsunami Joke

Today in Tweet Beat, Gilbert Gottfried is sorry for making a joke about the tsunami in Japan after losing his job as the spokesman for Aflac. Plus, Justin Bieber reveals his wax figure. » 3/15/11 7:42pm 3/15/11 7:42pm

Everybody's Talking About Charlie Sheen

Today in Tweet Beat, celebs like Lou Diamond Phillips, Damon Lindelof and Zooey Deschannel all weigh in on Sheen's most recent meltdown. » 2/25/11 9:12pm 2/25/11 9:12pm

Martha Stewart Apologizes For Inadequate Tweets

Today in Tweet Beat, Martha Stewart is embarrassed about pocket Tweeting. Plus, Kirstie Alley wants Rachel Zoe to style her. (Rachel has yet to reply.) » 2/15/11 7:30pm 2/15/11 7:30pm

Denise Richards Says Porn Stars Will Not Babysit Her Children

Today in Tweet Beat, Denise Richards reacts to Kasey Jordan's interview on GMA. Plus, Billy Bush has very strong opinions about women and lipstick. » 1/31/11 7:45pm 1/31/11 7:45pm

The Cost Of A Celebrity Tweet: $5,882.50

Michael Ian Black will Tweet whatever you want to his 1,574,746 followers if you give him $5,882.50. Lindsay Lohan, however, will do it for $2,985.80. Shilling! It's hard work but some celebrities have to do it. » 11/19/10 2:48pm 11/19/10 2:48pm

Lisa Rinna Gives Celebrity Marital Advice

Today in Tweet Beat, Lisa Rinna dishes on her favorite porno studio, Michael Lohan is into some kind of Tila Tequila dramz, and Paris Hilton poses with her pig. » 10/28/10 7:30pm 10/28/10 7:30pm

Comedians Mourn Greg Giraldo On Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, fellow comedians get somber over Greg Giraldo's death, and Teresa Giudice denies reported feud with her sister-in-law. Plus, an update on Lil Wayne's prison release. » 9/29/10 7:45pm 9/29/10 7:45pm

La Toya Jackson Joins Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, La Toya Jackson makes our day by joining Twitter, Kelly Bensimon is suddenly "the queen of accountability," and Kanye an email complaint. » 9/24/10 7:45pm 9/24/10 7:45pm

Sarah Palin On Feminism

Today in Tweet Beat, Sarah Palin implies that pro-choice feminists are a "cackle of rads" who have hijacked feminism, Britney tweets from the Glee set, and Martha Stewart shares a picture of a cute baby animal. » 8/18/10 7:30pm 8/18/10 7:30pm

Paula Abdul Has An Important Announcement To Make

Today in Tweet Beat, everybody shh! Paula's got something to say! Also, people are booking JWoww to appear at their weddings. » 7/23/10 7:00pm 7/23/10 7:00pm