The World Is Sexist, So I Can't Say Michelle Obama Looks Nice

Once upon a time, "sexism" used to mean that women were discriminated against and treated differently because of their gender. Now, it means "criticizing Sarah Palin for any reason." Along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the old, white man who heads the Republican Party thinks it's so »10/28/08 10:00am10/28/08 10:00am sexist to question $150,000 in…

McCain's Campaign Adviser Declares War On Media, New York Times

John McCain's senior campaign adviser, Steve Schmidt (seen here with the cardboard cutout the GOP plans to use to fill McCain's position after his death or descent into full dementia) has decided that it's not enough to campaign against Barack Obama, he's got to campaign against The Media to win the election. Luckily … »9/23/08 10:00am9/23/08 10:00am

One Of John McCain's Birds Of Prey Falls Prey To Hopeless Dreams

John McCain would like people to stop talking about how his campaign is staffed with loads of lobbyists, so he's back to bashing lobbyists, calling them predatory (does that make lawmakers rodents?) and promising that no one will ever works for him will ever lobby again! Probably. Right after his staffers get around… »8/21/08 10:00am8/21/08 10:00am