Emmys Tribute to Cory Monteith Angers Jack Klugman's Family

Many viewers were outraged that the passing of TV legend Jack Klugman — who played Oscar Madison on The Odd Couple — got very little airtime in the Emmy tribute that included a long memoriam to Cory Monteith. Klugman's son Adam told the AP: "It’s an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture… » 9/23/13 9:00am 9/23/13 9:00am

Sharon Osbourne Had a 'Fling' with Jay Leno

You might want to draw a deep bath for this one! On The Talk today, Sharon Osbourne opened up about a dalliance she had in her 20s with a "very nice, very funny" guy she met at a bar. Their flirtation blossomed into a "fling," which may or may not have included sexy intercourse (Sharon says she "can't remember,"… » 9/09/13 8:35pm 9/09/13 8:35pm

While You Were Sleeping Cory Monteith Checked Into Rehab (Again)

Glee star and "Frankenteen" Cory Monteith, who's previously been open about his troubled past as a delinquent teenager, has checked into rehab for substance abuse. His rep confirms to People: "[Monteith] has voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction [...] He graciously asks for your… » 4/01/13 9:00am 4/01/13 9:00am

M.I.A. Loses Her Shit on Twitter Over Son's Custody Battle

Queen of Controversy M.I.A. is currently embroiled in a vicious custody battle over her 4-year-old son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, with her estranged ex-fiancé Benjamin Bronfman, the environmentalist son of Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman Jr. (and part of the younger generation of almost-too-cool dilettante-ish… » 3/14/13 9:00am 3/14/13 9:00am

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Split, Rain Falls on the Grassy Knoll of…

Next time you're in a Walgreens or a Duane Reade and you see that bizarre Taylor Swift display with the swag and the CDs and shit, offer your condolences to her 2-dimensional cardboard likeness, for she and Conor Kennedy are no more. Apparently the two "quietly parted ways awhile ago" and "it was a distance thing."… » 10/26/12 9:00am 10/26/12 9:00am

Prince Harry's Royal Peen Caught on Video!

The rumblings around the castle are ominous this week: the now-infamous Prince Harry Naked Bear Hug-Gate photos are only the tip of the iceberg, say Vegas sources, and the royal media will soon have to contend with "something pretty gigantic" (LOLOLOL pun). It appears that there's actually video of the Prince partying… » 8/28/12 9:00am 8/28/12 9:00am

B.J. Novak Gives The Office His Two Weeks' Notice

Temp Ryan Howard, played by B.J. Novak, will not be returning to the Dunder-Mifflin office on The Office. It's open to speculation whether he's leaving for a bigger role on Mindy Kaling's new Fox show The Mindy Project. Novak will continue to hang around as a guest-director and writer of future episodes. With Michael,… » 6/28/12 9:00am 6/28/12 9:00am

Michael Bublé and White Zinfandel Team Up to Ravage the Suburbs

Nice-young-man-your-mom-wouldn't-mind-dating-if-she-was-30-years-younger Michael Bublé has joined forces with America's Favorite White Zinfandel to bring you the most perfect marketing storm of all time. Behold. » 1/17/12 6:50pm 1/17/12 6:50pm

Jimmy Fallon And Friends Make Holiday Magic On SNL

After leaving the Saturday Night Live cast in 2004, Jimmy Fallon made a triumphant return as host of the show last night. With help from a lot of his old SNL pals, he delivered an evening of pure fun. From the opening monologue where Jimmy choked up with genuine happiness at being back at his longtime home to the… » 12/18/11 12:05pm 12/18/11 12:05pm

Pregnant Country Singer Mindy McCready And Her 5-Year-Old Son Finally…

Four days after they were reported missing, country star Mindy McCready and her 5-year-old son Zander were found hiding in a closet in an Arkansas home and the boy has since been taken into custody. » 12/03/11 11:25am 12/03/11 11:25am

Ed Helms And Michael Bublé Sing A Very Shocking Christmas Carol

Here's an early holiday treat, ladies: Michael Bublé and Ed Helms, rocking holiday sweaters, singing a little holiday song — until the someone's sweater catches fire, forcing him to continue shirtless. What a shame. By the end of the clip, when I realized what I had just watched was a commercial for A Michael Bublé… » 12/01/11 7:45pm 12/01/11 7:45pm

Kanye Booed During Thanksgiving Day Parade

Lady Gaga Set To Star In Her Own Film

White House: We Won't Preempt Lost; Madonna's Date With Sean Penn

New Moon Breaks Records; Amy Proposes To Blake

Polanski Set To Make Cash Bail Offer, Balloon Boy's Dad Writes Racist…

Sean Penn's A Diplomat; The Gosselin/Suleman Show Is A Go