Dad's Sex Tips To One-Year-Old Are Worst Fatherly Advice Ever

Former Houston hand surgeon Dr. Michael Brown was acquitted last month of abusing his fourth wife, ten years after he admitted to beating his third wife with a bedpost and dragged her down the stairs by her hair. Now, his letters to his baby daughter have surfaced, and their explicit sex tips make them extremely… » 10/03/11 5:45pm 10/03/11 5:45pm

Giant Newborn Baby Will Make Your Ladyflower Wince

It's not surprising that Janet Johnson and Michael Brown were seemingly exhausted and stunned, uttering one-word answers when they were interviewed by Ann Curry this morning on Today: Their new son, JaMichael Brown, came out of the womb weighing more than 16 pounds. He may be the largest baby ever born in Texas.… » 7/11/11 11:45am 7/11/11 11:45am

Okinawan Women Will Not Go Quietly Over Rape Of Young Girl

Remember the story of U.S. Marine Tyrone Hadnott, the 38-year-old stationed in Okinawa, Japan, who was accused of raping a local schoolgirl? Well, Okinawans are not taking this incident lightly: hundreds (many of them women) have been protesting across the island, and their anger was further inflamed this past weekend… » 2/20/08 9:30am 2/20/08 9:30am