The Daily Show's Guide to Stop-and-Frisk Is Hilarious and Spot-On

Up until very recently ("recently" as in Monday), New York City was one of several large cities with a stop-and-frisk law — a policy in which "a person [could be] temporarily detained on the street against his or her will for the purposes questioning" by police. Stop-and-Frisk has been legal in NYC for the past 11… »8/14/13 12:30pm8/14/13 12:30pm

NYC Is Now the Largest City to Offer Paid Sick Days

New York City is officially the largest city in the county to require that businesses give employers paid sick leave, despite the best efforts of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who claims the measure will "harm the very people it seeks to help." Too bad for him and other powerful critics (ahem mayoral wannabe … »6/27/13 1:00pm6/27/13 1:00pm

In Two Days Mayor Bloomberg Will Make You Put Your Nipple In Your Kid's Mouth

The mommy shame parade that comes with formula-feeding your baby is soon to be governmentally sanctioned in New York: Latch On NYC, a new initiative announced back in July that begins in two days (AHH!), encourages women to breastfeed by granting them less access to formula. Still confused? Need a visual aid? Check… »9/01/12 12:30pm9/01/12 12:30pm

New York City Will Encourage Moms to Breastfeed by Locking Up All the Formula

Breastfeeding, according to all the trendiest news stories, is the best thing ever — it turns your baby into a super genius with a brain the size of a mutated cantaloupe and all but ensures that child's eventual acceptance into an elite university, either Oxford or the Sorbonne, but maybe Harvard as a back-up. There… »7/29/12 8:00pm7/29/12 8:00pm

Georgina Bloomberg Offers a Sensible Take on Her Father’s NYC Soda Ban

No big soda? Like, forever? If you live in New York under the merciless reign of the soft drink despot Michael Bloomberg, odds are you probably asked yourself those very same questions before strongly considering moving underground to join the ranks of the subway tunnel mole people, who let their citizens drink all… »6/09/12 4:30pm6/09/12 4:30pm

The Wedding of New York City’s Highest-Ranking, Openly Gay Official Sounds Like It Was Awesome

Christine Quinn, the highest-ranking New York City official to prefer Sappho over Catullus, got married on Saturday, and all the molar-grinding of bigots across America couldn't stop her because New York is among eight states (and a tiny little district) that either allow gay marriage or are waiting on legislation to… »5/20/12 11:30am5/20/12 11:30am