Watch These Mighty Mice Perform Amazing Tricks, Be Extremely Agile and Adorable

I love mice, they're so cute and smart, and they're much maligned and feared by humans even though we're the ones who terrorize them. Anyway, let's take a minute to appreciate how great these little ones are, and how we are all just crazy animals trying to survive on planet earth. I don't know what I'm saying but I… »1/20/13 11:30pm1/20/13 11:30pm

Turns Out, Baby Blood Might Be the Actual Fountain of Youth

Great news, wicked queens of America! Your shit just got hella validated. New research out of Stanford University indicates that the brains of older mice can be rejuvenated by commingling their blood supply with the blood of young mice. Well, KAPOW. "Do I think that giving young blood could have an effect on a human?… »10/18/12 6:00pm10/18/12 6:00pm

Babies Never Leave You, or at Least Their Cells Don't

You might think that once you give birth to a child that they're no longer a part of you physically—except, of course, for the complete control they retain over your heart and mind. Well, think again, because it turns out that during pregnancy some of their cells scatter in your body and stay there for years, maybe… »6/07/12 1:45pm6/07/12 1:45pm

Eating Yogurt Turns Mice into Giant-Balled Seduction Machines

Oh my god. Can't we women just have one thing to ourselves without a pair of giant testicles swooping in and making it all about them? Last week I found out they're making push-up bras for your nutsack. Now it turns out that yogurt—our precious lady-nectar!—might make men's testicle-balls bigger, spermier, and covered… »5/07/12 2:20pm5/07/12 2:20pm