MIA On Diplo Trying To Control Her Early Career: 'He Was Just Jealous'

This week marks the ten-year anniversary of MIA's Arular, an album which quite literally changed pop music and presaged the way the internet would create an avenue for marginalized genres across the globe to thrive outside their communities. Of course, part of this is due to MIA's collaboration with Diplo, who only… » 3/20/15 1:50pm 3/20/15 1:50pm

Saturday Night Social: Spring Forward with New M.I.A. Song 

» 3/07/15 8:15pm 3/07/15 8:15pm

Here's Gwen Stefani's New 'Feminist' Track 'Spark the Fire'

Earlier this month at the Odd Future Carnival, Pharrell previewed a bit of this Gwen track and said it was "about feminism." Today, Stefani dropped the album art and the song hit the internet tout suite. Not totally sure what this has to do with feminism, really except, is everyone just discovering Le Tigre or what… » 11/24/14 7:10pm 11/24/14 7:10pm

Sequin King Ashish Cast All Black Models in His Latest Runway Show

Ashish Gupta is a Delhi-born British designer whose inventive fusion of sequins and not-so-obvious pop culture references have attracted the devoted lust of every London club kid worth their salt. In a time when American designers seem to be in a contest d'thirst for the attention and cache of THE YOUTH (cough; cough » 9/18/14 8:00pm 9/18/14 8:00pm

M.I.A.'s 'DoubleBubbleTrouble' Video Might Give You a Headache

M.I.A. released her latest video from Matangi entitled "DoubleBubbleTrouble." If you have epilepsy or problems with crazy fast editing, then this video probably is not for you. » 5/19/14 5:30pm 5/19/14 5:30pm

Listen to M.I.A.'s Well-Timed Remix of Beyoncé's 'Flawless'

Because this is exactly what Beyoncé and the rest of the Carter/Knowles clan needs right now, M.I.A. has released a remix of "Flawless." » 5/14/14 11:40am 5/14/14 11:40am

Katy Perry Might Be Dating Diplo. Should We Be Worried?

Katy Perry’s love life is back! Just when you had finished fretting about her crispy Coachella sunburn, reports of her latest romance have surfaced — and we might want to root for this one, with some provisions. » 4/16/14 4:31pm 4/16/14 4:31pm

NFL Demands $16.6 Million Over M.I.A.'s Super Bowl Middle Finger

Today, in "are you fucking kidding me," the NFL has demanded an additional $15.1 million from M.I.A. in restitution for briefly raising her middle finger during the Super Bowl halftime show two years ago. This brings the entire arbitration claim against her to $16.6 million. » 3/18/14 12:20pm 3/18/14 12:20pm

Check Out M.I.A.'s Insanely Elaborate Nail Art

M.I.A. had some SWV-length, jewel-encrusted nails done for the photo shoot for her new album Matangi. Except that the final album artwork was so stylized that no one got to see them. » 12/16/13 5:45pm 12/16/13 5:45pm

Watch MIA and Her Flowing Pantsuit Perform on Conan

Last night, professional shit-stirrer M.I.A. gave a rather energetic performance of her song 'Y.A.L.A.' (You Always Live Again) on Conan. Just lights, smoke, a twelve-spoke wheel, and a red, flowy article of clothing that could have benefitted from some big ass Beyoncé-style fans — though MIA did work it as best she… » 11/14/13 12:30pm 11/14/13 12:30pm

M.I.A.'s new album Matangi comes out on Tuesday, but you can listen to the entire thing today: It's streaming online, via Vevo/YouTube, track by track. So far we've heard harsh beats, chanting, random country name shout-outs and reggae-tinged melodies. One track above, one below, more at the link. (She has a song… » 11/01/13 3:40pm 11/01/13 3:40pm

Feast Your Eyes Upon the Insane Donatella Versace/M.I.A Collaboration

Just yesterday, Versus Versace confirmed their collaboration with M.I.A., and, if you're a person who is physically incapable of anticipating something for over 24 hours, you're in luck! Photographs of collection are here; every piece is very busy and possibly eye-searing (as was prophecized a day ago). » 10/08/13 4:20pm 10/08/13 4:20pm

The Donatella Versace/M.I.A. Collabo Sounds Insane, Confusing, Awesome

There was a rumor that M.I.A. would join forces with Donatella Versace, and it appears that said rumor is true. But! What the hell these two are actually cooking up remains a mystery. » 10/07/13 6:00pm 10/07/13 6:00pm

Ellen Pompeo Thought The Emmys Were Racist and Embarassing

Like many of us, Ellen Pompeo was not into the Emmys. She took particular offense to the stinkbomb of an awards show because it reflected the casual whitewashing of Hollywood, and told USA Today one day after the telecast: » 9/24/13 9:00am 9/24/13 9:00am

M.I.A. is at War with the NFL for That Super Bowl Middle Finger Moment

In February of 2012, a musical artist who once made the mistake of ending a relationship with Diplo and preventing the world from receiving the bounty that would be the world's most rhythmic children did something inappropriate during a small sports show hosted by the National Football League. The National Football… » 9/19/13 4:50pm 9/19/13 4:50pm

M.I.A Gets Impatient and Drops a New Track

While we're still waiting for M.I.A.'s new album Matangi and barely getting by with the odd music video, she's dropped a short mixtape to satiate everyone's galang galang addicted minds. » 8/21/13 10:25am 8/21/13 10:25am

Here's the MIA Documentary Teaser Everyone Is Freaking Out About

M.I.A. is familiar with controversy. Coming from a grimy immigrant community in London, she's grown into superstardom all while casually lacing her songs with lyrics like, "like PLO, I don't surrender." But even after penetrating the mainstream with a performance at the Super Bowl (even that was marred with a… » 7/08/13 3:50pm 7/08/13 3:50pm

M.I.A.'s 'Bring the Noize' Video Is Extra M.I.A.-y

Here's the video for M.I.A.'s newest release "Bring the Noize" and — fans delight — it has all the trappings of a typical M.I.A. joint. There's exciting shots of fast cars, monochrome-clad, scene-stealing backup dancers, confrontational lyrics ("Bitch, my swag rich, can’t touch this/So click, click, click, please get… » 6/25/13 4:00pm 6/25/13 4:00pm