I Wanted To Marry A Latino And Fell For A White Guy

In college there was no doubt in my mind that I would marry a Mexican. I didn't want my culture to be diluted. I wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking household. I wore Ché Guevara berets with rebozos and Tehuana blouses. I just stopped short of wearing a poncho and purchasing a donkey just to really make a point. I… » 7/22/11 3:35pm 7/22/11 3:35pm

Dating Latinos Doesn’t Make Me Racist

On more than one occasion, during my seemingly eternal quest for love, I've been accused by friends and acquaintances of being "racist" for trying to date Latinos. » 1/18/11 6:24pm 1/18/11 6:24pm

The Dramatic Transformation Of A Mexican-American Singer

Lila Downs is an extraordinary Mixteca/American (Scottish) singer. She has thick Frida Kahlo-like natural brows, a pale olive-tinted complexion, long black braids, and the fashion sense of an old-world, beautiful Mexican woman. Well, she used to have all those things. » 9/17/10 11:30am 9/17/10 11:30am