Here's That First-Ever Ad for Sex You Were Asking For

How do you like to do sex? Is it in a classy way, or a dirty way or a kind of intense way? Does the image of a pencil being sharpened to a fine by an electric machine made to strip away bits of wood accurately describe the beautiful meeting of phallus to orifice? The first-ever ad for sex says YES! Or BZZZZZZZZ, I… » 10/14/14 5:50pm 10/14/14 5:50pm

Sarah Palin Surprisingly Endearing In New Reality Show Clip

The Mama Grizzly That America Never Asked For normally makes me want to punch baby deer, but I was actually able to watch this clip from her upcoming reality show with the sound on. What. The. Fuck. » 10/30/10 6:10pm 10/30/10 6:10pm