No, Black Women Aren't Bad at Diet and Exercise

For years, the problem had researchers flummoxed — why, in weight loss trials that require participants to diet and exercise, did black women have consistently less dramatic results than their white counterparts? Now, one group of researchers purports to have the answer: it's not that black women aren't trying; it's… »12/19/13 4:40pm12/19/13 4:40pm

Pregnancy Lasts as Long as It Does Because Your Metabolism Is Lazy

Scientists have explained the fact that humans, unlike wildebeests, for instance, are born as helpless and vulnerable as shell-less mussels by pointing to the relatively small size of the female pelvis and collectively hissing, "It's all your fault!" New research, however, suggests that the apparently insufficient… »8/28/12 12:00pm8/28/12 12:00pm

Your Funky Sleep Schedule Could Totally Be Messing With Your Metabolism

There are many reasons why working odd hours sucks. Not only does it severely impinge on your social life and your ability to be out in the sunlight, studies have also found that having a disrupted sleep schedule increases your risk of obesity and diabetes. But they've never been able to understand why until now. A… »4/13/12 12:20pm4/13/12 12:20pm

Study: Childhood Obesity Has Stronger Link To Nurture, Not Nature

A group of British scientists is reporting that overweight moms are not genetically "programming their children to be fat". The University of Bristol's Debbie Lawlor and her team wanted to see if the high levels of sugar and fatty acids in the blood of overweight women caused higher levels of those substances in the… »3/11/08 9:30am3/11/08 9:30am