Hi, Haters: The U.S. Department of Justice Blocks Jezebel 

Today in hilarious meta-news, Jezebel has learned that our website is evidently too hot to be viewed by select U.S. government employees. A tipster tells us that the DOJ recently blocked access to Jezebel from all workstation computers, although the other Gawker Media sites — Sportsball, that one about cars, Sidepiece… »1/07/15 2:00pm1/07/15 2:00pm


James Franco Revels In More Self-Reflecting Celebrity Voyeurism

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a piece by James Franco called, 'The Meanings of the Selfie,' which explored the nature of the "celebrity selfie," as well as selfies being a new tool of communication in this crazy new information age. Despite his adjunct faculty approach to explaining the celebrity selfie, this… »12/27/13 4:00pm12/27/13 4:00pm