Vindication! Science Says a Messy Workspace Means a More Creative Mind

Oh my god, I love it so much when science flatters my insecurities and validates my flaws! Yeah, medicine, space travel, blah blah blah, whatever, but TELL ME MORE ABOUT HOW MY DIRTY DISHES MEAN I'M LITERALLY VINCENT VAN GOGH. New research out of the University of Minnesota has found that a messy workspace sometimes… »8/16/13 4:00pm8/16/13 4:00pm


Paradoxical Video Evidence Suggests That Children Are the Best/Worst

So, on the one hand, children are goblins bent on murdering their younger siblings and slowly driving their parents insane. We know this thing, this is a thing we know. Fine, BUT children are also resilient little cretins whose hearts are full of joy and laughter even if their older sisters spread diaper cream all… »7/21/13 5:30pm7/21/13 5:30pm