"Austerity" Is The Word Of The Year

According to Merriam-Webster, "austerity" was the most-searched word in its online dictionary this year, sparked by austerity measures announced by European governments. Runners up include "pragmatic," "moratorium," "socialism," and thankfully, no Jersey Shore-related phrases. » 12/20/10 7:12pm 12/20/10 7:12pm

'Faggot' - The Truth Revealed.

We enjoyed Ann Coulter's defence to calling John Edwards a 'faggot', and we thought we'd back her up by proving that 'faggot' is indeed just a fun little word that's as shinny and happy as 'bluebells' or 'communist scum'. » 3/08/07 7:56am 3/08/07 7:56am