Ugh, Disney Gave Brave's Merida A Pretty Pretty Princess Makeover

Merida, the boundary-breaking heroine of Pixar's Brave, officially gains the title of Disney's eleventh Princess today — one which, ironically, she would not give a crap about. But she appears to have stopped into a Sephora, a Weight Watchers, and a BCBG on the way to her coronation. And they took away her bow and… » 5/11/13 1:30pm 5/11/13 1:30pm

Beauty Comes Before Bravery for Target Girls

Pixar's upcoming movie, Brave, is the studio's first film with a female lead: Merida, a "skilled archer" who is "determined to carve her own path in life" even though she's a princess in an ancient Scottish Kingdom. Awesome, right? Target thinks so, too; the store already has a ton of Brave merchandise for little… » 5/29/12 3:40pm 5/29/12 3:40pm