Russian Gold Medalists Get $120,000, a Brand New Mercedes

In case you didn't think that the Olympics were just one step away from being a gentler version of The Hunger Games (only injuries, rarely deaths), Russia has made the point much more salient by showering their medalists with money and extravagant prizes. While there's no Victor's village quite yet, athletes who… » 3/01/14 5:50pm 3/01/14 5:50pm

Lara Stone Drives a Mercedes Into a Tornado, and We Have Questions

This new Mercedes Web ad starring Lara Stone and directed by Alex Prager raises a number of questions. Why are all Stone's facial expressions in the vein of "Ouch! I have, or am afraid of getting, something in my eye"? Why does it make being picked up by a tornado look like a gentle ride in a hot-air balloon? Why didn't … » 1/24/12 3:05pm 1/24/12 3:05pm

Glee: You've Got To Have Faith... In Grilled Cheese

On this week's Glee, Burt gets sick, leading the kids to examine their religious beliefs, or lack thereof. A nuanced discussion of religion prevents Glee from slipping into After School Special mode, making this one of the series' best episodes. » 10/06/10 5:30pm 10/06/10 5:30pm