Mercede Johnston, Shit-Talker Extraordinaire

Levi Johnston's 19-year-old sister Mercede (apparently their mother had a thing for naming her children after brands, but dropping the "s") poses nude and gives an interview in the September issue of Playboy, in which she talks so much shit on the entire Palin family. » 8/09/11 3:35pm 8/09/11 3:35pm

Levi Johnston's Sister Will Appear In Playboy

Every member of the Palin and Johnston clans must have his or her moment in the sun, and now Levi's sister Mercede is claiming hers by posing nude for Playboy. » 7/13/11 4:15pm 7/13/11 4:15pm

Levi's Sister Blogs About Four-Wheeling And Bristol

Levi Johnston's sister Mercede has a blog on which she writes about her four-wheeling trips and how her brother is "controlled by Bristol Palin." Also, in case you were wondering, "No [Mercede] will NOT sit down and shut up!" » 7/08/10 7:11pm 7/08/10 7:11pm

Levi Johnston's Sister On Tripp: "My Family Has Missed So Much Of His…

"Since Tripp's birth I can count on my two hands the number of times I have had the chance to see him. How is that fair?"-Mercede Johnston, who claims the Palins are keeping Tripp away from her family. [TheDailyDish] » 4/25/10 12:55pm 4/25/10 12:55pm