Confusing PSA Encourages Women To Say "Period"

Or at least, I think that's what this clip is telling us to do. Made by SCA, a global hygiene and paper company (so they make tampons and pads?), and launched on National Women's Day, we're supposed to break the taboo of menstruation over the next 28 days by saying "period"—which isn't actually a taboo word at all,… »3/08/11 3:08pm3/08/11 3:08pm


ANTM: Now It's Really A Menstrual Show

Last night's ANTM was the best episode of this cycle this far — all thanks to Tyra! It's unclear what exactly was going on with her — sleep deprivation, too many Red Bulls, weave sewn too tight — but it doesn't really matter because the manic result was a show in itself. And I have to say, dressing the girls up as… »3/27/08 11:00am3/27/08 11:00am