Praise Our Most Masculine Gods, Because NBC Is Developing a Sitcom Called Manhood

As a proud man, I often crave more images of myself on television. Every time I change the channel, I’m forced to watch yet another woman shove her cultural dominance in my face. They’re crawling out of duffel bags, they’re saving the world, and—on ABC—they’re even joining the FBI! »9/28/15 4:50pm9/28/15 4:50pm


Fifteen Imaginary Women React to the Idea of a Man Taking Their Name

Today, we at Jezebel—Protectresses of Man Feelings—stumbled upon Thought Catalog’s “15 Men React To The Idea Of Taking Their Wife’s Last Name After Marriage.” We were aggrieved, nay, heartsick as we contemplated the gnawing terror experienced by Poor Men who are asked to take the names of their female partners. »8/18/15 6:30pm8/18/15 6:30pm

Men's Rights Group Demands Their Balls Be Allowed to Breathe on Buses

A recent campaign to stop the phenomenon known as "manspreading" on New York's transportation system has men's rights organizations in a tizzy, especially in Canada, where one "advocacy group" is demanding men be allowed to spread their legs as far and wide as they want to to avoid a pain more awful than anything… »12/29/14 12:00pm12/29/14 12:00pm

The Most Inane Moments from Last Weekend's Men's Rights Conference

The first ever International Conference on Men's Issues took place in St. Clair Shores, Michigan (right outside of Detroit) late last week and while no representative from Jezebel was able to attend (the last weekend in June is when we meet to raise our Diva Cups in a toast to misandry), many highly capable… »7/02/14 7:15pm7/02/14 7:15pm

This Commercial for a Female Men's Rights Attorney Is Truly Special

Meet Marilyn D. York, a divorce and family law attorney practicing in Reno, Nevada. She will get you yours if your wife has been secretly plotting to divorce you even though she's "finally losing that baby weight after nine years and hooking up with your son's baseball coaches on Facebook." (Coaches, plural.) »5/29/14 1:20pm5/29/14 1:20pm

Men's Rights Activists Upset the Word 'Men' Isn't Used More in Affordable Care Act

The best part of today, aside from the fact that the Affordable Care Act was upheld, has been the rush of schadenfreude that comes from watching sourpuss Michele Bachmann types flip the fuck out about it. The latest group to react poorly are men's rights activists who are upset that health care reform spends too much… »6/28/12 11:55pm6/28/12 11:55pm

A Clever Plan to Breed White Ladies Out of Existence

I'd like to take this moment to thank Men's Rights Activists for filling my cold black heart with delirious glee every time they come up with a new dumb idea. The newest one? White dudes, tired of the uppity bitchiness of western women, should marry a smiling, submissive brown lady, like the kind that wear banana… »5/17/12 11:50am5/17/12 11:50am

How Long Can You Listen to this Men's Rights Anthem Before You Tear Your Ears Off?

God, you guys, you know what sucks? How men are responsible for all human achievement (except, uh, actually making other humans) and women just shit all over them. But now, thankfully, the Men's Rights movement has found a musical prophet fit to deliver the message that men are fed up with the rampant abuse from the… »4/16/12 4:00pm4/16/12 4:00pm

Punching Sperm-Stealing Women Totally Okay With Men's Rights Activists

The charming gentledudes-about-town in Reddit's Men's Rights Community have been feverishly running around in their little hamster wheel brains for the last few days in an attempt to help a message board member solve his urgent problem with his girlfriend. You see, it seems this man's dating one of those baby crazed… »4/04/12 2:30pm4/04/12 2:30pm

'Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act' Is Actually Designed to Let Men Block Abortions

Last week, a truly stupid bill authored by Arizona Republican Trent Franks passed out of committee. PreNDA, formerly known as the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenantal Nondiscrimination Act, purports to address the rampant American nonproblem of sex and race-selective abortion. But it seems that the… »2/20/12 2:00pm2/20/12 2:00pm