The College Fashion Gender Gap

Despite continued news about women's academic success in college, concerns are growing that male students still call the shots. One symptom, according to some, would be what we'll call "fashion inequality." Specifically, it's only the ladies who are getting all dolled up. » 8/29/11 6:21pm 8/29/11 6:21pm

A Rallying Cry For Guys To Do Their Own Shopping

The girlfriend who gives her dude a clothing makeover is a well-worn heterosexual trope. But are dudes who submit to such treatment defaulting on their "masculine duties?" » 8/15/11 6:15pm 8/15/11 6:15pm

Where Are Fashion's Gender Neutral Clothes?

With the exception of the t-shirt (which only masquerades as gender neutral), in the U.S. clothes are designed for women or men, but never both. There is no option to buy clothes, one must buy women's or men's clothes. » 8/10/10 12:08pm 8/10/10 12:08pm

Gaza's Hottest Bodies Compete For Female-Free Glory

In Hamas-controlled Gaza, women aren't the only ones asked to cover up. But men have one place to escape the "virtue campaign:" the bodybuilding championship. Unfortunately, competitions (which involve glitter, lipstick and body paint) are closed to Palestinian ladies. [AP] » 4/29/10 2:30pm 4/29/10 2:30pm

It's Not My Boyfriend's, It's Mine: An Ode To Men's Clothing

Now that Gap makes "boyfriend" jeans for babies, the whole "boyfriend" trend can seem heteronormative and lame. But I still love wearing men's clothing — though I prefer to buy it for myself. » 1/28/10 3:20pm 1/28/10 3:20pm