Couple Convicted of Letting Toddler Die of Meningitis After Treating Him With 'Natural' Remedies

A Canadian couple has been convicted of letting their toddler son die of bacterial meningitis by failing to seek proper medical treatment for him. David and Collet Stephan gave their 19-month-old son Ezekiel a variety of naturopathic remedies, herbs and supplements, only calling an ambulance after he stopped breathing.


A Growing Debate Over Whether Naturopaths Should Treat Children After Death of Toddler in Canada

Trial is still underway for the Canadian couple accused of allowing their toddler son to die of meningitis after they treated him with herbs instead of taking him to the hospital. David and Collet Stephan have pleaded not guilty, but the case is sparking a larger debate over whether naturopathic doctors should be…

Anti-Vaxx Couple Allegedly Allowed Toddler to Die of Meningitis By Treating Him Themselves

Canadian couple David and Collet Stephan have pleaded not guilty to charges that they “failed to provide the necessities for life” to their 19-month-old Ezekiel, who died of untreated meningitis four years ago. According to the CBC, prosecutors have claimed that the couple attempted to treat their son with home…