At Last! A Show About Dudes Just Dudin' Around Doin' Dude Stuff!

What with Whitney and The New Girl and Girls and Girls in a Restaurant or whatever that fourth one is, it's obvious that girls have been on top of the media heap for TOO LONG within the past nine months! That's why I'm so relieved that the brave bros of Men at Work are here to speak for the voiceless, and break the… »5/24/12 10:50am5/24/12 10:50am


What's Changed For Working Women Since 1972? Not As Much As You'd Think.

A lot has changed since the 1970's. Lapels have shrunk. Mustaches have gone from cool to pervy to ironically cool but actually kind of pervy. Disco was murdered to death and then sort of came back to life again. Airport security has gotten almost to third base. And women now, more than ever, are leaving the house to… »5/05/12 3:30pm5/05/12 3:30pm

Numbers Of Young Women With Skin Cancer Rises • LadyMag Editor Neutralizes "Men At Work" Signs

Melanoma cases in young women continues to rise (they have yet to adopt the fear-the-sun attitude of ladymags) due in part to increased outdoor activity and indoor tanning. • A well-preserved statue of Venus (from the late classical Greek tradition) was found in Macedonia. • Napoleon's penis is currently in the… »7/10/08 5:20pm7/10/08 5:20pm