Boring Man, Shockingly, Writes Boring Music Profile

Another day, another troll: today a boring man was allowed to publish a think piece about not-boring musician Sky Ferreira that began by discussing her “killer tits,” as seen on her last album cover, and comparing her cup size to Madonna’s (in a deeply uninspired collation he carried out ‘til the very end).

No, That 'Man Enough For Hillary' Ad Featuring a Tattooed Beefcake Is Not Real

Today, an ad started widely circulating on Twitter, purportedly from the Clinton campaign, featuring a tatted up, gelled, almost harassingly bearded man. “I’m man enough to vote for a woman...” it reads. “Are you?” The Clinton campaign confirms to Jezebel that this is not a real ad. Come on, guys.

Vintage NYMag Personal Ads Are a Study in Misplaced Male Confidence 

Today, men’s favorite ages on OkCupid are 20, 21, 22, and 23, but ever since fire was invented to see each other with, stunningly average men have believed they deserve that perfect 10. Case in point? The vintage Strictly Personals section of New York Magazine, which The Cut perused for some beautiful standouts.

Male Midlife Crisis Is Pure Hell in Will Arnett's Flaked 

The signifiers of upper middle class, white male midlife crisis have shifted across the past few generations with a lava-slow determination, time and culture churning on itself and ossifying into a whole new level of hell. Boomers who bought fast cars and unexpectedly took up squash or long-distance running evolved…