​Who Wants to Remember Bill Cosby's Multiple Sex-Assault Accusations?

The thing about Dylan Farrow's open letter accusing her father, Woody Allen, of sexual abuse is: There was not much really new about it. It was new that Dylan Farrow herself was signing her name to the accusations, but Vanity Fair had covered the case, in grim detail, more than two decades ago. »2/04/14 4:48pm2/04/14 4:48pm


Dolphins can remember their friends better than most humans

In case you still doubted that dolphins have an awareness rivaling our own, new research shows that these cetaceans can remember the whistles of their old tank-mates after being separated for more than 20 years! No species other than humans has demonstrated such a long-term social memory. »8/07/13 10:00pm8/07/13 10:00pm

You'll Never Forget Your Twenties, Because That's When You Become Who You Are

It's not just middle-aged people, TV, movies, fashion, entertainment, advertising, literature and all forms of expression that exist that seem inordinately obsessed with people in their twenties. It turns out that everyone is obsessed with people in their twenties, including you. New research on memory shows that we… »1/19/13 3:00pm1/19/13 3:00pm

When It Comes to Mattresses, People Are Opting for Good Sleep Over Good Sex

It feels like, in this modern world, you shouldn't have to choose between having good sex and having good sleep, but apparently mattress consumers are, in fact, being faced with this dreadful choice. This is an issue because of memory-foam mattresses, which are becoming hugely popular as a result of their unique way… »5/15/12 11:55pm5/15/12 11:55pm

Don't Forget To Eat Berries Because They'll Help You Remember

16,000 female participants currently over age 70 in a long-term study published by the Annals of Neurology (and funded by the California Strawberry Commission) were asked about food consumption every four years since 1980 and underwent memory tests every two years from, 1995 and 2001. Apparently women who ate the most… »4/28/12 6:30pm4/28/12 6:30pm

Walking Through Doorways Makes You Forget Important Things

Many, if not all, of us have had the experience of walking into a room and forgetting exactly what it is we came in there to do. (Except in the case of the bathroom, where it's usually easy to remember why you are there.) Now a new study from the University of Notre Dame says there's a very good reason why this… »11/20/11 6:35pm11/20/11 6:35pm