I Spent 3 Days at the Values Voter Summit And All I Got Was This Swag Bag Full of Crazy

This weekend I endured three days of the Values Voter Summit, where I leaped outside my comfort zone for the sake of American Journalism. I did a number of things I had never done before: I ate a lemon bar; I initiated conversations with strangers; I stared Ted Cruz in the face and didn’t immediately contract a… »9/28/15 5:10pm9/28/15 5:10pm


Would You Forget Your Most Painful Memories If You Could?

Matrix-y memory researcher Malcolm MacLeod was curious whether people might be able to improve their ability to forget embarrassing or traumatizing personal memories, so he ran some experiments on "intentional forgetting" with co-researcher Saima Noreen. Both were doubtful — "Autobiographical memory is so vivid, so… »9/03/12 3:15pm9/03/12 3:15pm

Donna Summer Dead at 63; Heaven Knows She Will Be Missed

Singer Donna Summer died today at the age of 63; she'd been battling breast cancer, though sources say she was trying to keep her condition private. Summer was the first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach number one on the US Billboard chart. Arguably the voice of disco, Summer's hits include "Last… »5/17/12 12:50pm5/17/12 12:50pm

Here Is Dov Charney's Oddly Apropos High School Yearbook Picture

As American Apparel is on the verge of collapse, this picture — from 1987 — is full of foreshadowing. Dov Charney and the words DEAD END. Yes. DEAD END! The CEO of American Apparel wasn't always a creepy employer doing allegedly creepy things in the workplace. He was once a creepy student at a tony boarding school… »4/08/11 2:30pm4/08/11 2:30pm