Why We (Still) Need Memorial Day

Memorial Day has never been an easy or comfortable prospect for me. I am the daughter of a veteran. The great-niece of a veteran, the ex-girlfriend of several veterans, the friend of both veterans and actively enlisted servicemen of different branches of the military. There are enough veterans in my life that it never… »5/26/14 9:00pm5/26/14 9:00pm

Something About This Giant Stuffed Monkey Screams, 'Fun in the Sun'

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ - MAY 27: Nicole Zupp carries a huge stuffed monkey on the boardwalk on the first weekend of Jersey Shore beaches re-opening to the public on May 27, 2013 in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The region continues to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Sandy devastated parts of the coastline. (Photo by… »5/27/13 10:00pm5/27/13 10:00pm

Dogs Eating Ice Cream Sounds Like Pure, First-World Madness

Ahead of what has proved for many Americans to be a happily gluttonous Memorial Day weekend, The New York Times ran a Q&A with ice cream trucker Peter Van Leeuwen, of the artisanal ice cream Van Leeuwens. Obviously, there was lots of delicious banter about ice cream and the scooping thereof, banter most definitely… »5/27/13 2:30pm5/27/13 2:30pm

And Here Is A Macy's Necklace That Resembles An Inflamed Vulva

Hey, dudes: Memorial Day, arguably the most romantic holiday of the year (although Arbor Day and International Tuba Day are also conducive to getting your fuck on), is fast approaching, and it is time for you to select a gift for the lady in your life. What better gift than this undeniably labial-looking Amazonian… »5/19/12 2:00pm5/19/12 2:00pm