How One Paris Massacre Tweet Captured the Meme-ification of Tragedy

After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris left the internet-commenting world in a state of public shock and grieving, software CMO Rurik Bradbury took note of one particular myth that was making the viral rounds: that the Eiffel Tower had gone dark in tribute, instead of as it always did at 1 a.m. »11/16/15 10:00am11/16/15 10:00am


Nutscaping: Selfies for Men to Dangle Their Balls Over Breathtaking Views

Every once in awhile a photo-taking trend comes along that causes us to simply ask, “Why?” Several years ago, it was “planking.” Before that, it was the “fingerstache.” Now there’s a photo meme that people are going nuts for, literally. It’s called Nutscaping, and it involves a dude’s single testicle hovering over a… »10/28/15 9:45pm10/28/15 9:45pm

Even Snopes Is Exasperated With Dumb Mt. McKinley/Denali Conspiracy Theories

Today, in the Year of our Lord 2015, the heroically patient myth debunkers at have been forced to dismantle the rumor that Mount McKinley is now called “Denali” again because it means “black power” in “Kenyan.” If every word of that sentence made your bullshit alarm go off, congratulations, you have at… »9/01/15 8:45pm9/01/15 8:45pm

A Special Sneak Preview of Donald Trump's Debate Performance

The first prime-time Republican trainwreck is tonight on FOX News, and Jezebel has an exclusive sneak peek at Donald Trump’s performance. Insiders have told us that Trump was profoundly moved by Drake’s Meek-bashing OVO set, and found himself inspired to interpret it for tonight’s debate. »8/06/15 4:32pm8/06/15 4:32pm

Taylor Swift And Adolf Hitler Quote Mashup Enrages Internet

Just when you think the Taylor Swift meme has taken on all forms possible and seen its last days (in lieu of such fresh material as Miley Cyrus Twerks On Famous Paintings), you're wrong. Pinterest user Emily Pattinson has been 'shopping quotes from Hitler, Stalin and Bin Laden onto Swift pictures with deceptively… »8/31/13 12:30pm8/31/13 12:30pm

The Boy Band Butlers of Downton Meme Is the Best Meme You'll See Today

If you're A.) looking for a good laugh, B.) love the dulcet tones of boy band music and c.) think that all of the best jokes are upstairs/downstairs based, you're in luck! The very funny Tara Ariano of Previously.TV has used the last round of Downton Abbey promo stills to create the day's best meme, Boy Band Butlers. »8/14/13 3:00pm8/14/13 3:00pm