Check Out the Latest Twitter Meltdown From Justified's Nick Searcy

Oh goody, we have another twitter meltdown on our screens! And it's so hilariously predictable like the other ones! This one comes courtesy of Justified actor Nick Searcy, and has the requisite ranting against liberals and people who may or may not be fat, as well as self-aggrandizing retweets to then justify the… »2/24/14 5:30pm2/24/14 5:30pm


This Child Loves His iPod Touch More Than You Will Ever Love Anything

Holy cannoli! Somebody had a little too much Mountain Dew with Christmas breakfast. Either that or this child-banshee is going to grow up to be the next Steve Jobs, because he is really, really excited about getting that iPod touch. Yes, he's maybe so into it that he seems slightly unstable, but back in the day… »12/30/11 6:30pm12/30/11 6:30pm