Melrose Place Stars Reunite for Some Pool-Shoving

Tease your hair, put on a short skirt and grab yourself a drink because the cast that once made up TV's sexiest apartment complex is back. The stars behind Aaron Spelling's 90s hit Melrose Place are the latest to be reunited by Good Morning America and Entertainment Weekly as a part of their big reunion issue. Despite… » 10/08/12 2:05pm 10/08/12 2:05pm

Nicole Takes On The Paparazzi; Sparkle Vamp Is Sexiest Man Alive

Dina Claims Lindsay Cuts Herself; Rosie Calls Oprah "Gay"

Sad-Sack Or Cougar: The Only Choices!

"If it feels as if the remarriage odds are bad for a woman in her 50s, they are." So claims the Times piece "In Her 50s, Looking for Love." Clearly, these women haven't seen Cougar Town! » 9/14/09 3:20pm 9/14/09 3:20pm

The New Melrose Place Is Just Recycled Trash

Critics say the remake of Melrose Place, which premieres tonight on the CW, is entertainingly trashy, but even a murder-mystery involving a character from the original series may not be enough to distinguish it from the other trash on TV. » 9/08/09 5:20pm 9/08/09 5:20pm

Return To Melrose Place Gratifyingly Cheesy, Mini-Skirted

If you're were hoping the Melrose Place premiere would be cheesy, goofy and full of former residents, then your wish is granted: CW & AT&T's party - on, obvs, Melrose Place - was a total electric-guitar -blast from the past. » 8/24/09 10:30am 8/24/09 10:30am

Kate Moss Is Writing A Kosher Cook Book; Sam Serves Lindsay A Coke Cake

Lindsay & Sam: Another Night, Another Fight

Britney In Concert: Letting Her Ladyparts Hang Out

Dating Madonna Is A Religious Experience; Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon…

Loose Lips

Jennifer Love Hewitt is speaking out » 10/30/08 11:40am 10/30/08 11:40am on behalf of Cheryl Burke, who was criticized for her weight. "Cheryl Burke is so beautiful and an amazing dancer and that's what people should concentrate on," J. Love says. So people should concentrate on her beauty instead of her weight. Thanks for clearing that up for us! •…

Loose Lips

Shia LaBeouf is back on the set » 8/22/08 11:40am 8/22/08 11:40am of after getting surgery on his hand. The injury has been written into the script. • Fellow ex-teenybopper J.C. Chasez says that Britney is really these days. "I'm glad she's pulling it together, because everybody falls down in life at one time or another…the toughest part is, how do…


Seems Agyness Deyn's signature platinum crop, "the Aggy," has spawned a "Rachel"-scale wave of imitators, including famous daughters Kimberly Stewart and Pixie Geldof. Somewhere on Melrose Place, Josie Bissett is laughing. [Daily Mail] » 6/17/08 5:40pm 6/17/08 5:40pm