Drama in Stars Hollow! Melissa McCarthy Says No One Asked Her to Return to Gilmore Girls

As we learned recently, Netflix’s Gilmore Girls reboot is definitely a go, but sans Melissa McCarthy, whose star has risen dramatically since she left Stars Hollow. (I’m sorry. I’m sorry.) Creator Amy Sherman Palladino has said McCarthy’s absence is due to the fact that she’s “really fucking busy.” McCarthy has a…

After Success of Melissa McCarthy's Clothing Line, More Retailers Will Offer Plus-Sized Fashion 

In August, Melissa McCarthy introduced Seven7, a clothing line aimed at providing fashionable looks for plus-sized women. She decided to introduce the line after many designers refused to make her a dress for the 2012 Oscars. McCarthy saw a real gap in the clothing market and seized on the opportunity to fill it.


Melissa McCarthy Makes Daily Show Appearance in a Jon Stewart Dress

If you’re like me, you’re saving up all of your tears like cathartic candy for the last airing of The Daily Show this summer. But if you’re like Melissa McCarthy, you’ve made your mourning a sartorial statement. On Wednesday, the Spy actress showed up to her Daily Show interview in a kimono made of Stewart’s mug like…