Melissa Harris-Perry Sets MSNBC Ablaze On Twitter Amid Claims of Racial Inequity

Last week, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry boycotted her own MSNBC show because, she wrote in an open letter to her staff, she was tired of being sidelined. Her rift with the channel reached a breaking point in January over Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, which Harris-Perry had to fight to cover, and on Sunday MSNBC confirmed

MSNBC Officially Cuts Ties With Melissa Harris-Perry Over Beyoncé’s 'Formation' Video 

MSNBC has confirmed with The New York Times that the network and Melissa Harris-Perry have officially parted ways—and one of the main reasons for the break was over Beyoncé’s #BlackLivesMatter-themed music video for “Formation”—the same video made by a non-white person that white people just don’t seem to understand.

Melissa Harris-Perry to Bernie Sanders: You're On WorldStar 'More Often Than the Kardashians'

In an interview Monday night on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry spoke with Senator Bernie Sanders about his appeal to millennials of color. “Hip hop is, like, completely down with you. You appear on WorldStarHipHop more often than the Kardashians,” she joked, causing an giddy, knowing smile to fill Sanders’s face. “What…

I Took Rutgers' Beyoncé Course: A Master Class in Pop & Black Feminism

On the first day of “Politicizing Beyoncé,” a Spring semester course at Rutgers, 32 young women and men sat in their desks, texting behind a Coach bag or catching up on Vlad TV’s rap posts on a laptop. It was February. I was dressed in jeans, Converse, and a giant sweatshirt, going for undergraduate realness, and here…