Here's Conan O'Brien's Awesome Parody of 'Reasons My Son Is Crying.' DROPS MIC.

When I clicked on this link, I didn't expect to fall in love. Oh, okay, another disposable Tumblr parody—this one is Conan O'Brien's "Reasons My Talk Show Host Is Crying," a riff on America's current sweetheart "Reasons My Son Is Crying"—do I really need that? I will not be manipulated by your cynical corporate… »4/12/13 8:00pm4/12/13 8:00pm

Ann Romney's Birthday Party to Be Hosted by a Dude Arrested for Barbecuing a Dog

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who once strapped his dog to the roof of the family station wagon before embarking on a road trip, has again chosen to thumb his nose at the all-important dog vote by throwing a fundraising birthday party for his wife Ann at the house of Frederick Malek III. While to most people,… »4/13/12 12:00pm4/13/12 12:00pm

Anna Wintour: Empress Of The Ugly At Costume Institute Gala

One more time! (Promise.) Met. Costume. Institute. Gala. Superheroes. Sponsored by Vogue and Armani. Hosted by Julia Roberts and George Clooney. You've seen the Good. You've seen the Bad. [This is reminding me of a certain early '80s sitcom theme song. -Ed.] Now we've got the Ugly, namely, a god-awful Anna Wintour,… »5/06/08 1:40pm5/06/08 1:40pm