Continuing Outreach to Female Voters, Donald Trump Calls Megyn Kelly 'Crazy' Over and Over

Donald Trump, a carnivorous plant watered with irradiated bat urine, has a slight polling problem with about half of the female voting public, who have a “very unfavorable” view of him. Who could possibly guess why? Anywho, unrelated, Trump has a new moniker for Fox anchor and non-Trump fan Megyn Kelly:

Still Upset About Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump Will Not Participate in Thursday's Debate 

Anger toddler and Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, will not participate in Fox News’s Thursday primary debate. During an Iowa press conference/tantrum earlier today, Trump stomped his feet repeatedly and yelled “Noooooo,” before throwing his food to the floor. “Let’s see how much money Fox is going to…


Fox News: Conspiracy Theories on Megyn Kelly's Vacation 'Rank...With Elvis Being Alive'

Megyn Kelly—host of Fox News’ The Kelly File and recently appointed nemesis of Donald Trumpannounced last week that she was taking a much-needed vacation. “Well, it’s been an interesting week—and a long six months without a vacation for yours truly,” Kelly told viewers on Wednesday. “So I’ll be taking the next week…