This Hijab Is the Purest Shade You'll Ever See on Fox News

“We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of religion,” says Megyn Kelly, in this segment about the coalition-building impulses of an overripe pumpkin from Halloween 2007. “And we’re opening up a very dangerous door if we get the government getting to go into a religious institution and decide what amounts to hate… »11/18/15 10:10am11/18/15 10:10am


Republican Presidential Candidates Are a Bunch of Whiners

Can something be both a seven-story dumpster fire and more dull than watching a football field’s worth of paint dry one centimeter at a time? With their GOP debate last night, CNBC answered that one resoundingly in the affirmative. The outraged, performative yelping from both the candidates and conservative news… »10/29/15 9:22am10/29/15 9:22am

Oh Thank God, Donald Trump and Fox Have Resolved Their Feud 

Please exhale, because Donald Trump and Fox have finally resolved their two-week long lover’s quarrel, which began after Fox anchor Megyn Kelly asked Trump reasonable questions during the first Republican debate, and Trump responded presidentially by whining about it relentlessly while insinuating that Kelly is a… »9/07/15 5:45pm9/07/15 5:45pm

Fox News: Conspiracy Theories on Megyn Kelly's Vacation 'Rank...With Elvis Being Alive'

Megyn Kelly—host of Fox News’ The Kelly File and recently appointed nemesis of Donald Trumpannounced last week that she was taking a much-needed vacation. “Well, it’s been an interesting week—and a long six months without a vacation for yours truly,” Kelly told viewers on Wednesday. “So I’ll be taking the next week… »8/15/15 12:45pm8/15/15 12:45pm

Megyn Kelly Is Taking a Sudden Vacation and Everyone Wants to Know Why

Megyn Kelly—host of Fox News’ The Kelly File and Black Santa truther—has announced that she’s taking an abrupt two week vacation after sparring with Cheeto-dusted bloviator Donald Trump during (and in the aftermath of) the Republican presidential debate. Is Kelly just taking a much needed break (probably to deal—as we… »8/14/15 12:55pm8/14/15 12:55pm

Loudly Anti-Abortion Ben Carson Used Fetal Tissue in Medical Research

Dr. Ben Carson, who not long ago wrote an op-ed for CNN denouncing the way Planned Parenthood is “butchering” babies and told Fox’s Megyn Kelly that fetal tissue isn’t even needed in medical research, used fetal tissue in his own research. Carson is blithely insisting that’s not hypocritical, because he wasn’t… »8/13/15 2:20pm8/13/15 2:20pm

Manbaby Trump on Megyn Kelly: 'Blood Coming Out of Her Wherever'

During the Republican presidential debates, Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump a series of relatively tame questions about the candidate’s infamous remarks on women. “You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” Kelly said to Trump during the Thursday night debate. Trump… »8/08/15 11:00am8/08/15 11:00am

The Daily Show Lampoons Jeb Bush's Iraq War Tapdance

This week Jeb Bush forgot that when you’re running for president, even secretly, you must distance yourself from the last guy’s mistakes, even if that guy’s your brother whose name is George and his mistake was invading Iraq. On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart tackled Jeb (pronounced Heb) and his struggles in the best way… »5/15/15 10:10am5/15/15 10:10am