Meghan McCain Helpfully Explains Feminism On Her Dumb New Talk Show

Meghan McCain has a talk show now. But before you dismiss the notion of a daughter of extreme privilege who lacks both originality and the self-awareness necessary to recognize her own lack of originality having a platform from which to spout beige banality under the guise of EDGINESS, listen up! According to Raising… »9/09/13 12:00pm9/09/13 12:00pm

Meghan McCain Had to Find Out on Twitter That Her Dad Went to Syria

According to a series of Monday-afternoon reports, Sen. John McCain slipped into Syria with the ninja-like grace of a small reptile, maybe a snake, although not a mean, poisonous snake. Probably a peacemaking garter snake (snakes make for positive images, you guys). He became, announced the Daily Beast, the… »5/27/13 8:45pm5/27/13 8:45pm

Pot Smoking Meghan McCain Unaware That America Finds Her Insufferable

When Senator John McCain was running for President in 2008, his twentysomething daughter Meghan seemed a welcome nontoxic breeze in an atmosphere poisoned by Palin hot air. She liked sex! She had gay friends! She had a cool iPod playlist! Now, she supports gay marriage and pot legalization and even smokes pot like a… »6/19/12 2:15pm6/19/12 2:15pm

Meghan McCain Calls Adultery Deplorable, But Forgets Her Father Is an Adulterer

Well, you have to hand it to Meghan McCain. She's just taken hypocrisy to a fascinating new level. She's got a new book out, and Politico got ahold of it. In it, she calls Bill Clinton out for having "cheated and lied" during the Monica Lewinsky affair, and says she's "never cheated on a boyfriend" because her parents… »5/29/12 9:15pm5/29/12 9:15pm

Meghan McCain Thinks the Internet Can Be Especially Mean to Women

Avowed socially liberal Republican Meghan McCain wrote Sunday on the Daily Beast about how conservative bloggers across this poorly-lit back alley we call the internet turned on her like a pack of jackals in the wake of her appearance on Al Sharpton's MSNBC show PoliticsNation. She explained that, baseless as the… »5/28/12 11:45am5/28/12 11:45am

When It Comes to Sex, Meghan McCain Keeps It 'Strictly Dickly'

In her ongoing bid to remain relevant, Meghan McCain gave an interview to Playboy in which she tries to get all suggestive, but ends up vacillating confusingly between talking about her boobs and wondering why people talk about her boobs. But where she really shines is her description of the day before the 2008… »3/15/12 11:15pm3/15/12 11:15pm

Meghan McCain: Obamas Deserve an 'Emoticon' of Privacy

Depending on your feelings on Meghan McCain, this clip either shows that we all misspeak sometimes, or demonstrates the dangers of nepotism. Today on MSNBC, McCain declared the Obamas deserve an "emoticon" of privacy, then repeated the word in case anyone didn't hear her. Feel free to speculate on what that might look… »1/09/12 9:17pm1/09/12 9:17pm