Something Weird Is Going on With David Gregory and Meet the Press

Meet the Press used to be the number-one Sunday network news program, but ratings have not been great lately, and the show has slid to number 3 over the past few years. NBC has been taking a closer look at host David Gregory for answers. » 4/21/14 3:30pm 4/21/14 3:30pm

How Much Can We Read Into Joe Biden Saying He's Comfortable With Gay…

Everyone's favorite wacky-uncle-slash-Vice-President did something very interesting today. He went on Meet the Press and said this about gay marriage: » 5/06/12 11:55pm 5/06/12 11:55pm

John McCain Thinks It's Time for Republicans to Stop Acting Like…

On yesterday's Meet the Press, Arizona's John McCain, the crankiest Senator from the nuttiest state, told host David Gregory that Republicans might want to consider dropping this whole uterine crusade thing and focus on things that don't make people think conservatives hate women. You know you're doing something wrong… » 3/19/12 2:50pm 3/19/12 2:50pm

Michael Steele to Nancy Pelosi: "Put Up or Shut Up"

That's Steele's response to assertions Pelosi has made, that the GOP's been taking foreign donations. "Disclose it, Nancy," he said on Meet the Press, meaning "evidence." Kinda nasty, but gender-neutral. Clearly he must've seen our complaint about "manning up." » 10/24/10 5:00pm 10/24/10 5:00pm

Why The Sunday Talk Shows Are Light On Women

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz disputed on Meet The Press yesterday that this is a "Year Of The Woman." It was a rare pronouncement — in part because it came from a female elected official on a Sunday show. » 6/14/10 10:00am 6/14/10 10:00am

Hillary Clinton On Sarah Palin: "It Would Be Very Interesting To Sit…

On this morning's Meet The Press, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responded to an excerpt from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue, noting that she'd "absolutely" like to sit down with Palin for a cup of coffee. Clip after the jump. » 11/15/09 12:40pm 11/15/09 12:40pm

Rachel Maddow Discusses Stupak Amendment On Meet The Press

Discussing the House's passage of the health care reform bill this morning on Meet The Press, Rachel Maddow took on the Stupak Amendment, predicting that Democratic women may "revolt" if the amendment isn't eventually taken out. Clip after the jump. » 11/08/09 1:30pm 11/08/09 1:30pm

Maria Shriver, Valerie Jarrett Discuss The Changing Role Of Working…

Maria Shriver and White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett appeared on Meet the Press this morning to kick off Shriver's "A Woman's Nation" series. Today's incredibly interesting installment focused on the changing role of women in the work force. » 10/18/09 1:40pm 10/18/09 1:40pm

What Exactly Are We Arguing About Regarding This Health Care Bill?

After weeks of fighting over death panels and other assorted GOP lies, the Politico is confirming that the Obama Administration is now backing away from a public option in coverage. One question: What exactly is everyone fighting about? » 8/17/09 10:00am 8/17/09 10:00am

Hillary Clinton: "It Will Take The Right Woman" To Win The Presidency

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped by Meet The Press this morning and discussed, amongst other things, the probability of a female president being elected in her lifetime, something she believes is possible. Clip after the jump. » 7/26/09 6:30pm 7/26/09 6:30pm

SNL Underscores Bill Clinton's Lack Of Enthusiasm For Obama

Bill Clinton's been all over the place "stumping" for Barack Obama, including an appearance on Meet the Press this weekend » 9/29/08 11:00am 9/29/08 11:00am. Only, you know, he's still sounding just a passive-aggressive about it these days, what with . Mere hours after completing the aforementioned interview with Tom Brokaw, Clinton's hesitancy was…

Women In News: Regressing Since 1947

Today's female anchors have to worry about such pressing matters of international importance like whether their highlights are blond enough or if they're hot enough to make local magazine covers, but back in the 40s, female news anchors were actually, um, making news history. The Nation reminds us that Martha Rountree » 11/20/07 4:40pm 11/20/07 4:40pm

Dear Mssrs. Klein, Zucker, Moonves, And Oh Yeah, Ailes: About That…

Are you a representative of a nationally-recognized media outlet looking to hear more about our Redbook/Faith Hill story? A representative of a not-so-nationally recognized media outlet? Or just, you know, a Representative? (We love Barney Frank!) Doesn't matter! If you want quotes, images or what have you from our… » 7/17/07 2:25pm 7/17/07 2:25pm