Severe Abortion Pill Restrictions Take Effect in Arizona Today

The anti-choice lunacy continues: a ridiculously strict Arizona law limiting women's access to RU-486 — commonly known as "the abortion pill" — takes effect today. For literally no good reason, providers will now be forced to administer the drug using outdated protocols and only in the first seven weeks of pregnancy,… » 4/01/14 4:50pm 4/01/14 4:50pm

UK Women Won't Get To Have Medication Abortions At Home

When it comes to access to reproductive choice, the U.S. has few advantages over the U.K. Here's a big one: British women are denied the right to have medication abortions at home, forcing them to make two separate clinic visits and possibly experience symptoms in transit. Unfortunately, a judge recently upheld it. » 2/14/11 2:45pm 2/14/11 2:45pm