Woman Clears Medical Marijuana Use at New Job, Then Gets Fired Anyway

A Massachusetts woman who cleared her medical marijuana use with her new employer—and who was then subsequently fired on her first day of work, anyway, for having positive drug test results—has filed a discrimination complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination in an attempt to get her job back. »5/25/15 6:00pm5/25/15 6:00pm

DEA Fears Bunnies May Get High as Balls off Medical Marijuana in Utah

The Utah State Senate is considering a bill that would make it legal for people with "chronic and debilitating diseases" to consume edible medical marijuana. But no one has paused to consider the effect that will have on the woodland creatures of Utah; a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration warned… »3/02/15 6:30pm3/02/15 6:30pm

Whoopi Goldberg Is Deeply Passionate About Kids Getting High

Whoopi Goldberg and Nicole Wallace might be on opposite ends of the political party spectrum, but there is one issue they see eye-to-eye on: kids and medical marijuana. Twice in the past few weeks they've had heated conversations about children who can benefit from the medicinal properties of hemp. Whoopi (who has a… »10/17/14 4:50pm10/17/14 4:50pm

Is It Okay to Give a Seven-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Medical Marijuana?

A seven-year-old girl in Oregon suffering from leukemia may soon be the focal point of a renewed debate about the need to regulate medical marijuana. Mykayla Comstock, stricken with a particularly aggressive strain of leukemia, is subjected to intensive chemotherapy treatments, which have the unfortunate side effects… »11/25/12 5:45pm11/25/12 5:45pm

Marijuana May Be the Opposite of Tequila Shots When It Comes to Pooping

Look, talking about bowel health isn't pleasant, which is why it's relegated to squeamish doctor's visits, euphemistic Pepto Bismol ads scored by fart symphonies, and the pencil-mustachioed, infomercial snake oil purveyor Klee Irwin, but we need to talk about it because, well, it's important. It's especially important… »7/23/12 9:15pm7/23/12 9:15pm

Feel Free to Get All Kinds of High and Drive Because the Cops Can’t Really Tell

Or they can't tell yet, at least not until some government research lab perfects a saliva test that will detect recent marijuana use. For now, police departments in states that permit medical marijuana use are struggling to determine the levels at which the drug impairs one's ability to competently operate an… »3/18/12 4:20pm3/18/12 4:20pm